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The spirit and style of the of the West thrives today through the contemporary artists and artisans inspired by centuries of rich tradition. We'll take you on a journey of discovery to find who these folks are and what they create and what you don't want to miss.

D3 Riffs Half-Chaps

No Need to Buy New Boots, Just Some Hi-Style Half Chaps

Call them half chaps, boot guards, whatever you’d like, but to preserve boots from the brutal wear and tear of riding, cowboys and equestrians have been wearing them for years. They actually date back all the way to 12th century Spain when the earliest of the vaqueros worn them religiously.


Painted Horse Bedding

Cuddle Up With a Cowgirl – IN STYLE!

Love your horse? Love your cowgirl? You can have both – slip into bed, dream of running horses and ranch life, while holding your sweetheart!!!

In today’s modern world of the internet, here are the ingredients to create your own dream space.


Bridal Cowboy Hat

The Exquisite Style of the New Western Bride

Western women throw it all to the wind. They choose and follow through with conviction and zeal. Perhaps reckless in their passion, they are focused in their joy. They are progressive in their beliefs and know exactly what they want. And they always bet everything on love.


Round Up

Making Headway

There is a question hanging over the western lifestyle industry and everyone from manufacturers to retailers is hopeful it will have a positive answer. The question is, will the western lifestyle continue to be as popular and relevant with millennials as it is with their parents’ generation?


Warm Pumpkin Salad with Polenta and Candied Pumpkin Seeds

“All that Glitters” isn’t necessarily gold at the C.M. Russell First Strike Auction

Experienced collectors and bidders alike converge each year for the C.M. Russell’s First Strike Auction where they have to opportunity to bid on and by the finest creations from today’s contemporary artists and artisans. Showcased as part of the C.R. Russell Museum’s Exhibition and Sale during March in Montana, this year leather artist and designer Howard Knight is honored to have one of his designs selected for this highly juried event.




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Smoke Signals blows your way from High Noon Western Americana of Los Angeles, California, producers of the High Noon Antique Show & Auction for 25 years (1991-2014). Smoke Signals eMagazine was founded in 2010 from a desire to share thoughts and facts with the High Noon community and look at what is going on in the Western world while feeding our readers with great recipes and giving advertisers a chance to blow their own smoke.

And hopefully we educate along the way.

Linda Kohn Sherwood, Editor

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