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    Picturing The West

A visual account of our world and/or the people who bring us their unique visualization of the West through art. Whether it be photography, painting or 3-dimensional interpretations, all these mediums serve to depict what is in an artists mind. We will highlight a specific show, organization, artist and or work of art and help spread the vision of the west.

blurry guitar with music overlay sepia tone

Why is it called “Country and Western” Music?

It’s no mystery to those of us who are fans of Country and Western music that the roots of this uniquely American music have been born from from the culture, history, singers, crooners, pickers and songwriters of the Southern United States.


Smoky Poster unrestored

To Restore or Not to Restore – That’s the Big Western Movie Poster Question....

Growing up on the East Coast, my mind as a kid was completely consumed with a passion for the West — particularly the exciting world portrayed in the great black and white Western movies and TV series.


Veryl Goodnight

Veryl Goodnight

An artist’s goal is make you think, see or feel. You should be able to use their sculptures or paintings to cultivate your vision of the West. From the day I met Veryl Goodnight I felt connected to her passion for art. Whether her zeal is for domestic animals, wildlife or people, especially cowgirls, she escorts you to a place where you bear the fruit of her vision of the West!


Maynard Dixon's Painting Hill Camp

One of My Favorite Things, Maynard Dixon’s Painting, Hill Camp

As a museum curator, I have seen many remarkable artifacts and works of art over the years. One thing that strikes me is that sometimes small works can have a huge impact that goes well beyond their size or medium. Providing a little detail about one of my favorites, gives me the opportunity to marvel at an early work by California painter, Maynard Dixon.


Photo of Ken Meek and Lynn Doughty

The Woolaroc honors the Art of Lynn O. Doughty's Old West Characters Sculpted In Wood

The Old West, though a small slice of American history, was yet a time when some very memorable characters emerged. As a boy growing up in Oklahoma, Lynn O. Doughty developed a love for the Old West and the characters that inhabited that exciting era. From Cowboys to Native Americans, miners to mountain men, camp cooks to chuck wagons, and horses to stagecoaches - all are inspirations to Lynn and can be found in painstaking detail in his award winning woodcarvings.


Alexander Harmer

Alexander F. Harmer
“…eulogist of the beauties of the world.”

That phrase aptly describes a special person in the history of early California and vaquero art. They were spoken by Alfred Douglas Harmer about his beloved father, and only begin to introduce the artistic and social contributions made by Alexander Harmer, an artist considered to be the first important painter of the West and a leader in California’s art community of the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Crow Family Reunion by Bob Coronato

A Look to the Future: We All Will Say "We Knew Him When..."
Tyler Crow - Cowboy Artist

While the saying goes “there are only two things certain in life —death and taxes,” we at High Noon would like to add a third — that Tyler Crow will be one of the preeminent Cowboy artists of America.


TCAA and CA Collaborate

TCAA and CAA Collaborate to Create One Very Exceptional Event

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is very honored to announce that the 46th Annual Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) Sale and Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Museum's longstanding Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) Exhibition and Sale, now in its 13th year. The combination of these two events running side by side, will offer collectors and enthusiasts of Western fine art an unparalleled opportunity at one location over the course of one weekend.


Crow Family Reunion by Bob Coronato

Bob Coronato Exhibits at "Masters of the American West" at The Autry Museum, Los Angeles

Bob was invited to participate in the Autry National Center’s renowned annual “Masters of the American West” Fine Art Exhibition and Sale, which opened on Saturday, February 7th in Los Angeles, CA.




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