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What trends are revealing themselves in the West? We look over the horizon to see where the fun and action is for today's cowboys and cowgirls. From the latest museum exhibitions not to be missed, silver screen events, travel destinations and everything in between. Smoke Signals will let you know the latest and the greatest new ideas and traditions that must be shared.

Rodeo Up in France 2020!

Let’s take a look at this most interesting and unexpected blip on the rodeo radar screen.…the third largest rodeo in the world is EquiBlues in Saint-Agreve, France. It’s even bigger than the famous Pendleton Roundup.


Two Horses

The Hidden Magic of Horses in Healing

The power of the horse helped build this country. Their strength to endure the hardships of punishing journeys and their power to sustain in the harshest of conditions made settling the West possible. These magnificent animals that tower over 6 feet tall and weigh over 1,000 pounds were the life-line for the people that risked it all to create a new and better life.


Ranch Raised Kids

Ranch Raised Kids

Well America, the American Cowboy is alive and well, by both birth and by choice. There are burgeoning forces driven by the passion of the young people who ride and ranch every day, that see this as a career choice and the future of their country. It’s about the “kids,” and Smoke Signals is honored to be able to bring you this exclusive look into the most powerful project to date that will illuminate the faces and force behind who the American cowboy is today and will continue to be tomorrow.


Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Is Mainstream America Finally Waking Up To The Richness Of The American West?
What the media has to say…

Well, the answer would seem, in short, to be yes. After just 200 short years in the making, it appears that the legacy of the West has finally come to the forefront in art and media in the most urbane of settings including New York and downward along the Eastern seaboard.


cutting edge interior

Consider yourself CUTTING EDGE!

Our beloved culture of Cowboys and Indians is being refreshed and regenerated by contemporary artists. Is it possible that classic, organic design travels through time and generations? That the younger generation is taking note of our collecting spirits and sense of history and design? When you consider this concept, you probably are thinking about Texas ranch folks, Oklahoma artisans and blue sky Colorado craftsmen. But think again, this time in New York.




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Smoke Signals blows your way from High Noon Western Americana of Los Angeles, California, producers of the High Noon Antique Show & Auction for 25 years (1991-2014). Smoke Signals eMagazine was founded in 2010 from a desire to share thoughts and facts with the High Noon community and look at what is going on in the Western world while feeding our readers with great recipes and giving advertisers a chance to blow their own smoke.

And hopefully we educate along the way.

Linda Kohn Sherwood, Editor

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