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Spring 2017 Issue

Dude Ranches – Undeniably the ultimate experience merging land, nature and animal
The Longest Running Western Event Keeps Galloping at Record Speed
Where are the Western Legends of the Silver Screen Now?
Randi's Thumbprint Cookies
The Bionic Bullrider – My Life Story
Cuddle Up with a Cowgirl – In Style
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In February 2009, Linda Kohn and Joseph Sherwood of High Noon sent up the first “Smoke Signal” and the response has been overwhelming. Smoke Signals is about everything that encompasses the Western lifestyle and for everyone who loves it as much as we do.

Smoke Signals brings you the latest collecting news and auction tips, takes you on a photographic journey featuring works that capture the heart and soul of the West, brings you breaking news stories on Western trends and events, takes an in-depth look into collectors and artisans that keep the Western lifestyle thriving, and always keeps you up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not. We even give you recipes for tempting culinary creations to bring those rich smoky flavors right into your own home.

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Did you miss that recipe for Margarita Pie or the story about an up-and-coming artist? Click on the photos below and read our archived stories to catch up on what's going on in the West today.


The West Today

The West Today
New trends, ideas or traditions to be shared


Picturing The West

Picturing The West
A visual account of the West through art and photography.


Painted Ponies

Painted Ponies
Dedicated to Native Americans, their stories and their art from the past and today


Linda's Feed Bag

Linda's Feed Bag
Keeping the traditions of the American West alive is also about appetizing cowboy cuisine.


Round Up

Round Up
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Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West
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Today's Pioneering Spirit
Highlighting the up-and-comers in the western world.


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In The News
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Smoke Signals blows your way from High Noon Western Americana of Los Angeles, California, producers of the High Noon Antique Show & Auction for 25 years (1991-2014). Smoke Signals eMagazine was founded in 2010 from a desire to share thoughts and facts with the High Noon community and look at what is going on in the Western world while feeding our readers with great recipes and giving advertisers a chance to blow their own smoke.

And hopefully we educate along the way.

Linda Kohn Sherwood, Editor

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