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The Exquisite Style of the New Western Bride

Western Inspired BridesWestern women throw it all to the wind. They choose and follow through with conviction and zeal. Perhaps reckless in their passion, they are focused in their joy. They are progressive in their beliefs and know exactly what they want. And they always bet everything on love.

This issue, Smoke Signals is proud to present some of the revolutionary designers who are defining the new era of the bride – the western inspired bride. It’s wedding bells and boots, it’s avante-garde and exotic couture, it’s simplicity and elegance all in one, it’s modern, it’s earthen and it breaks all the rules. Welcome to the divine paradigm that is unbound by tradition yet richly steeped in just that.

Take a look and be inspired by the creations by just a few of the amazing artists creating art to wear for you, a woman with style, passion and substance. There’s a reason that, from Paris to Sydney, the allure of the American West is redefining even the experience of getting married.

From the use of Victorian-era inspired French lace, to buckskin bedazzled with jewels, the designs are so creative they almost defy description.


Award winning designer, Celeste Sotola, is inspired blue skies, dramatic mountain storms, the mist on your face from a fast falling stream, the wind talking in the trees, and the wild flower fabrics covering the spring time mountain meadows with fragrant visual treasures.

Like Pearls from Heaven Ensemble      Ode to Coco


Passionate about beauty and renowned for exquisite craftsmanship in western clothing design, Julie Ewing, of Bastrop, Texas creates the unexpected while maintaining an air of classic elegance, rare beauty and undeniable uniqueness.

Like Pearls from Heaven Ensemble      Ode to Coco


Robin Brown, the creative master behind the elegant Boho-chic designs of Magnolia Pearl, take whimsical and fanciful to a new level. Her vintage inspired designs are created from the highest quality natural fabrics incorporating vintage elements for embellishment.

Magnolia Pearl

GRACE LOVES LACE – Gold Coast, Australia (Showroom – appointments available in Venice Beach, CA)

The sprit of the cowboy and the West is no stranger to Australia, and Grace Loves Lace embraces this spirit in their unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks.

The Poet Gown      The Liberty Gown


Award winning designer Meredith Lockhart gleans her inspiration to create the unexpected and the beautiful from her sincere passion for the west.

The Painted White Bucksin Wedding Dress

Ladies, let the world know Western design and art to wear is world class and unstoppable!

—Jayne Skeff



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