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Zan & Patience Traughber

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We are ZPT Silversmiths located in Pendleton, OR, in business for over 23 years. Our studio is located on our small acreage outside of town. We do all design work and produce all items by hand as well as lost wax casting, such as the Let 'er Buck horse.
I have engraved 150 hunting rifles for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Missoula Montana and distributed to the prominent chapters throughout the US for fund raisers selling in the $6,000 range.
We signed a contract with Stetson to design a belt buckle for them, which will be an inspiration piece, which they will reproduce one similar and sell. The sales of this buckle will produce royalties for us since we will be the designer. The first buckle is done and selling nationwide.
We have had our items in Hamley's since it reopened in 2005 and have been the highest selling silversmith in the store since that time.
We are the only silver and goldsmith to have our items in the US senate Gift Shop in Washington, DC, producing items for them since 2002.
We have worked with Pendleton Wool Home catalog and produce a buckle for them with the Pendlteon Round-up Horse Logo on the buckle. It was to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Pendleton Round-Up, which was in 2010. We have a contract with Pendleton Roun-Up Assoc to use the logo and we pay a royalty on the sales.
We have made buckles for Oregon's Governors, US Senators, US Sec of State, Pres George W Bush, Made in Oregon stores.
Zan has worked with master silversmith Ernie Marsh, Greg Darnell and Scott Hardy of the TCAA.
Cowboys and Indians magazine features two of our pieces in Oct 2011 issue. We have also been in Western Horseman.
We feel our pieces are heirlooms for Generations to Come.


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