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Jack Mitchell

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John "Jack" Mitchell was a highly successful Chicago industrialist who co-founded United Airlines but whose heart and true passion resided in the old west and early California. Jack split his time between the windy city and his palatial Juan and Lolita ranch in Montecito -- just south of Santa Barbara. After organizing the Rancheros Visitadores in 1930 with co-founders Elmer Awl and Dwight Murphy, Mitchell went on to serve as its president for 25 years. Los Rancheros Visitadores is an invitation only riding group, considered the most elite equestrian organization in the world. The group boasts membership from artists to governors to celebrities. Ed Borein, Will James, Joe DeYong, Walt Disney, Gary Cooper, Montie Montana, Nicholas Firfires, Edward H Bohlin, Philip Wrigley, Leo Carrillo, Charlie Russell, Chuck Yeager, Max Baer and Ronald Reagan were only some of the notables who have ridden the RV trails thanks to Jack Mitchell’s vision 85 years ago.


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