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Westengard and Lind

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A harness and saddlery partnership doing business in Portland, at 283 Front Street, first listed in
1892 under the name of WESTENGARD AND LIND. In 1890, both men were single, that is, until
Robert Lind married Auburn Yarneberg that year. James Westengard appears to have also
married about 1890. His wife’s name is listed variously as Rebecca or Irene. James was a clerk
for the harness maker C.L. HOGAN. In 1891 Westengard teamed with Alexander Bennett, a
harness maker, for a one year partnership. In 1892, the firm of Westengard and Lind was formed.
The business partnership lasted a full 10 years. Robert A. Lind, of whom we know very little,
quite likely died about 1902. J. C. P. Westengard continued at the Front Street address, alone,
until about 1910. He then took his saddlery practice to Oregon City, Clackamas County, where
he was still doing retail harness business as late as 1913.
Indeed, the 1910 census bears out the suspicion that Robert Lind died at some point between 1897
and 1903. His wife Auburn was listed in that enumeration of Portland as widowed. Her son,
Oscar A. Lind, was in her household but working for the railroad.
Author’s note: History on these two men is very hard to come by. James Westengard has two
places of birth listed: Colorado, in 1862, and Denmark, 1862. His wife’s name is presented
differently in both censuses, but the children remain the same - Florence, Melba, Sylvia, and
Buster. No records for this man appear in 1880 [immigration records were not checked]. Robert
A. Lind is as much of a mystery. Since there is no 1890 Federal census, and he does not appear on
the 1900 Federal Census for Multnomah County, it has been next to impossible to locate any
information about him, other than his marriage and the name of his son, who lived in Jennings
Lodge in 1930.
[The author knows of no marks by either of these men]
[Westengard and Lind in business from circa 1892 until circa 1902, Portland]
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Research by Richard and Dorothy Egan


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