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Nathan Solano

Birth place or City of origin: Dragerton
State of origin: UT
Last known City: Peblo
Last known State: CO
Start/Birth date: 1950
Death/End date:

Nathan Solano was born in Utah and raised in Colorado. Solano attended the University of Colorado, was drafted and spent a year in Vietnam. Before beginning to paint for a living in 1987, he worked in Colorado and Florida as an illustrator, photographer and art director for advertising agencies. Since painting full-time, he says he has “never looked back.” Solano’s early works featured portraits, sports art, and Native American themes. Today, he continues to paint the color and traditions of Native Americans and cowboys of the American West. The ideas for his compositions often are inspired by the Native American pow-wows and rodeos he attends, or his participating in cattle roundups in Colorado’s high country. Although he takes photographs at these events, he freezes brief moments, then uses the photographs for visual information as he completes his paintings in his studio, overlooking the Arkansas River in Pueblo, Colorado.

Solano’s work has been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art Collector Magazine, The Artist Magazine, Taos Magazine, Western Horseman, Cowboys and Indians, The American Cowboy and the Wildlife Art Magazine.

Biography from Eiteljorg Museum


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