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Michael Godfrey

Birth place or City of origin: Heidelburg Germany
State of origin: Germany
Last known City: Glenn Dale
Last known State: MD
Start/Birth date: 1958
Death/End date:

The drama of light captivates Michael Godfrey. It is light’s varying moods he paints, hoping that people will notice the special moments that happen every day, especially the drama when light first splashes across the scene.

Although he is a representational painter, Godfrey concentrates on the warm glow of sunlight, and further enhances his focus on light by softening the edges of his subjects, implying detail rather than defining it.

Godfrey has painted throughout the United States, from the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevadas. Irresistibly drawn to high places, he finds something spiritual about mountains that help him put things in perspective.

He makes field sketches usually outside during early morning and late afternoon hours. He then completes paintings in his studio using his studies and photographic references.

Biography courtesy of the Eiteljorg Museum (


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