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John Sanderson duMont

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City:
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Start/Birth date: 1919
Death/End date: 2005

John duMont was an American industrialist from Massachusetts who was an avid collector, historian, and author. John duMont is best known in the collecting fraternity for his impeccable and vast collection of anything American frontier, western, military, historical, as well for the publications he authored: Firearms in the Custer Battle (1953), a final revised and expanded edition called Custer Battle Guns (1988), American Engraved Powder Horns (1978). duMont wrote many other articles on subjects such as the Colt Single Action Revolver, American edged weapons, a Custer historian, etc. His avid collecting and his scholarship and writings on these subjects put duMont on the forefront of the Frontier Americana and American gun collecting communities.


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