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Terry Alward

Birth place or City of origin: Dumas
State of origin: Texas
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1868
Death/End date:

Terry Alward grew up around his mother and father’s antique shop in Claude, Texas. His father always liked the craftsmanship of quality hand-made spurs and Terry grew up seeing well-built handmade spurs. He especially admires the work of Adolph Bayers and Jerry Cates. In 1985 Alward decided to try his hand at the spur making art form, by 1989 he was taking orders for his own hand-made spurs on a part time basis.

Alward’s spurs are powerful statements of the Texas style tradition, embellished with strong classic overlay and fine wheat cut engraving. The shanks of an Alward spur often expand the tradition with Chihuahua style cutouts. He also likes to create large rowels and experiment with new and unusual patterns.

Terry is married and has one daughter. He works for Xcel Energy during the day and the rest of the time you can find him hunting for artifacts and building, buying, selling, and trading spurs.


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