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Stephen Hicks

Birth place or City of origin: Blountville
State of origin: TN
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1870
Death/End date:

Born in Blountville, Tennessee in 1870, Stephen Hicks was one of 5 children reared by a disinterested father and tyrannical stepmother. Steve left home at age 11, westward bound for Texas where he worked on a large cattle ranch, learning bronc-busting and sharp shooting in his spare time. At 21 he headed Wes tand South giving sharp shooting exhibitions before finally settling in Dallas with his roping, riding and crack-shooting show that drew big crowds -hoping to catch a glimpse of Steve splitting walnuts and marbles in midair.

Steve toured with his young son, William from the moment Willie walked - billing themselves as the premier father-son sharpshooters in the region. He purportedly earned his “Rocky Mountain” nickname - not in Colorado - but while traveling in the rocky mountains south of the border after successfully breaking the meanest bronco in all Mexico named “Cyclone the man killer.”

Steve was close friends with both Geronimo and his daughter, Ev,a and was a frequent visitor and occasional participant at the many Wild West Shows of the era where he was often seen hobnobbing with the likes of Buffalo Bill and Joe Miller.


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