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Otto F Ernst - Otto F. Ernst

Birth place or City of origin: Louisville
State of origin: KS
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1872
Death/End date: 1938

Born in Louisville, Kansas as one of five children. Grew up in Wamengo where he learned to build saddles while working for a leather craftsman named Dodgion. Moved to Sheridan, Wyoming in 1900 and opened up his saddlery with John Buckley (Ernst-Buckley) in 1902. Ernst became the sole owner in 1907. Working with his brother, John, he improved his leather designs and carving techniques until his style was refined to the beautiful carving of that period. No trip to Sheridan, Wyoming was complete without a visit to the Ernst Saddlery where a vast array of Rodeo stars, dude ranch guests and working cowboys frequented the premises.


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