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Frank A Meanea Saddlery - Frank A Meanea

Birth place or City of origin: Lexington
State of origin: MO
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1849
Death/End date:

Frank A. Meanea of Cheyenne, Wyoming: Born in 1849 near Lexington, Missouri. Obtained first experience in leather craft by repairing harness for the Union Pacific RR. Joined his uncle’s Gallatin and Company Wyoming branch saddle shop in 1868, which he eventually bought around 1880. The firm specialized in stock saddles using the best leather and trees plus employing the most skilled workmen. Meanea was a pioneer innovator in saddle design changing the appearance of his rigs from the old Texas design and originating the famous Cheyenne saddle with the Cheyenne roll cantle. Artist Charles M. Russell along with Buffalo Bill Cody, Tom Horn and the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police were all customers of F.A. Meanea.


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