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What we’re about

Smoke Signals is entirely about celebrating the magic of the Western lifestyle – engaging with the traditions, its visual splendor and enchanting culture which is like no other in the world. A culture which is richly steeped in history by the people who fought to shape it and by those of us today who are committed to sustaining and building on the brilliance of those who came before.

Our Readers

Our community of readers are serious Western folks – sophisticated, edgy, and passionately connected to educating, creating and honoring this enchanting world. Over 6,000 subscribers strong, they are equally men and women, span all 50 states and even countries around the globe.   Our readers are at the core of who’s seriously Western and expect nothing less then news and views on the finest and richest today’s Western culture has to offer. Smoke Signals is honored to be the go-to for this important group and to offer your business access to the best of the best, a decidedly desirable target market.

Our Advertising Opportunities

The Digital Advantage: Being completely digital, Smoke Signals eMagazine provides numerous unique touch points that provide exciting opportunities for advertisers to connect you to our readers in meaningful ways like never before.

ADVERTISING CONTACT: For all advertising inquiries and assistance, please contact Jayne Skeff at (414) 747-9177 or email

Your Advertising Options

Smoke Signals eMagazine offers advertising opportunities inside the eMagazine as well as on the exciting Smoke Signals Magazine website.

Ads can be sent camera ready OR Smoke Signals will do the creative design for an additional fee.

Payment is due when creative materials/ad copy is due. Payment may be made via Visa, MC. AMEX, Paypal or by check.

Advertising in the eMagazine

You can have your add emailed directly to our readers by placing your ad inside the eMagazine. As our goal is the ensure each ad resonates strongly, we only offer a limited number of spaces in each issue. We want you to be seen and respect the business you are promoting and the money you are spending.

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Mission Statement

Smoke Signals blows your way from High Noon Western Americana of Los Angeles, California, producers of the High Noon Antique Show & Auction for 25 years (1991-2014). Smoke Signals eMagazine was founded in 2010 from a desire to share thoughts and facts with the High Noon community and look at what is going on in the Western world while feeding our readers with great recipes and giving advertisers a chance to blow their own smoke.

And hopefully we educate along the way.

Linda Kohn Sherwood, Editor

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