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A must read for Papoose, Progeny and Parents

Little Brave Heart Tells His StorySome stories just must be shared and Little Brave Heart Tells His Story, is one that should not be missed – a story for children of all ages, from 1 to 100. We’re never too young or too old to be inspired by an incredible journey. To learn for the first time or be reminded of the importance of the compassion and inspiration that is at the core of the Western soul.

From author Sue Roya, Little Brave Heart Tells His Story, is a true story about a wild dove who was seriously injured in a mid-air collision leaving him completely helpless in the mud with his head dangling as if his neck was broken. With the hillside full of coyotes, ranch cats, Red Tail Hawks and a corral of horses, he was lucky to be noticed by a horseshoer with a great big mustache who picked him up and took him to his wife for help. He earned his name Little Brave Heart because he could have given up but he didn't, and this brave little dove had the courage to accept help from a human in a frightening situation. Here is the amazing story of his life changing experience and his journey to his own words.

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Sue holding Little Brave HeartHere is just a sneak peak at the wonders that await you inside the covers…

It was one of the happiest days of the dove's life. He was sitting in his favorite oak tree in the sun enjoying a beautiful morning with friends. He flew to the next pasture to his favorite feeding spot where he was sure to find some tasty seeds for breakfast. Suddenly, in mid-air, something hit the dove hard. The next thing he knew, he was lying in the middle of a muddy horse corral, unable to move his body or wings or even lift his head. 

This book is available through Amazon in hardcover, softcover or e-book.


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