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Jayne SkeffThe Fight to Be “Seen as Green”

By Jayne Skeff

June, 2009 Smoke Signals

As antiquers, we’ve known all along that antiques are green. We’ve known that the wicker basket bought at Target will be in the trash bin long before that Indian basket begins to show wear. We’ve known all along that the Monterey cupboard will long stand after the Ikea bookcase has bit the dust. We’ve been preserving and recycling before the word “recycle” hit Webster’s. But have any of us really thought about the benefits of being designated “green” businesses. Well head’s-up HN’ers!

Ever been to a Green Expo? They’re popping up everywhere and I can tell you, there’s not one antique dealer to be seen. Is the High Noon Western Americana Antique Show (or any antique show for that matter) a “green” show? Is your antique shop a “green” enterprise? You bet your recycle bin they are!

Taking advantage of being a “green” business is also an invaluable marketing tool to attract new customers, particularly the younger buyers whose consciousness of the environment is driving their buying habits more and more.

Exercise our right to organize, assemble and bear our “green” arms…

Taking advantage of being designated “green” means some work is at hand. At the local, state and federal levels, government needs to recognize that we are “green” and thereby, should be entitled to those benefits of that classification. In order to do that, we need to:

  1. Organize this effort as a group;
  2. Assemble as necessary at local, state and federal government hearings (we’re natural assemblers – we assemble very effectively several times throughout the year at show venues across the country);
  3. Bear our “green arms” in evidence and support that we are truly the original green business. While we may be a bit rusty from those demonstrations in the 60s and 70s, wouldn’t it be satisfying to assemble at the U.S. Capitol donning a pair of wooly chaps, armed with a Germantown blanket, a Main & Winchester saddle… (a thought lead to one of Jack Slaughter’s antique Colt revolvers but the Marine guards would have us in a pickle jar full of problems).

In all seriousness, we would love your opinions, input and help in researching this matter. Not only would gaining “green” classification mean obvious business benefits but it would also be a wonderful way to re-credentialize ourselves, re-invent ourselves and re-introduce ourselves to a whole new market.

Jayne Skeff
Public Relations
High Noon Western Americana
Cody Old West Show & Auction

© Copyright 2009 - Jayne Skeff


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