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Alvin (Al) Pecetti

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City: Reno
Last known State: NV
Start/Birth date: 1923
Death/End date: 2004

Alvin (Al) Pecetti (1923-2004) was a third generation Nevadan and a prominent member of Reno’s community of fine craftsman. His 60-year career began in the silver shops of Jack Starr and Hoot Newman, before establishing his own custom shop in the late 1940’s. Filigree work in yellow, green and rose gold became Pecetti’s trademark style with buckles featuring highly detailed figures, struck from his own handmade dies. Pecetti encouraged and influenced generations of craftsmen including Mark Drain, Scott Hardy, Carl Norris and the late Dan Murray. He also collaborated on projects with Al Tietjen, Bill Maloy, Luis Ortega and Les Garcia. Calgary’s Cowboy Festival honored Al in 1996 as one of the legends of Western Craft and in 1998 he became a founding member of the prestigious Traditional Cowboy Artists Association at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

Scott Hardy was introduce to Alvin(Al) Pecetti in 1987. Scott recalled that Al was North Americas most influential Silversmith at the time and he invited Scott to spend a week with him which turned out to be a life changing trip for Hardy with Al giving him advice that I have followed and have believed in from that day on. At that point in my career in addition to silver work I also built bits and spurs thinking they were the same trade. One afternoon Al took me over to the great Bit and Spur maker Al Tietjen’s shop. We toured the shop then went into the house to visit over a glass of Crown Royal whiskey. During the visit the “Als” offered me some advice, In their view these were two separate trades each deserved the respect and dedication to be concentrated on fully. “Pick one, learn everything you can about it and honor it by taking it as far as you possibly can”! I picked Silversmithing and have heeded their advice ever since. I have not regretted it for one minute.
I was privileged to visit Al twice more over the next few years(5 days each time) and we grew to become good friends.

Peggy Lorraine (Bush) Pecetti (1928-2021). She met the love of her life, Al Pecetti, at her Uncle's silver shop in downtown Reno. They married on January 16, 1949. A few years later they built their home on the Pecetti family ranch where she remained until the end of her life.


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