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Gene Rogers

Birth place or City of origin: Stella
State of origin: MO
Last known City: Golden
Last known State: CO
Start/Birth date: 1937
Death/End date:

Gene Rogers grew up in the Missouri Ozarks leaving home at age 15 to work on ranch in Oklahoma.
After high school he worked as a fire protection pipe fitter in Denver, Colorado where he also repaired saddles in his spare time. According to Ned & Jody Martin’s Modern Makers book, Gene decided to take up spur and bit making in the early 1980s after losing a Crockett spur while on a trail ride needing to replicate that missing spur. He retired from his pipe trade in the early 1990s and took up bit & spur making in Golden, Colorado where he built both old and newer styles also doing some leather work and repairing cowboy gear. Gene has always been generous with his knowledge and helped both Mike DIll and Don Pierce learn the cowboy trade.


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