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Matt Humphrey

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Matt Humphreys roots run deep in the ranching heritage. His grandfather, Jim Humphreys, is only the sixth man to have managed the famous Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company. Matt grew up in Dickens, Texas, and learned much of his spur and bit making techniques from helping and watching his dad, Jimbo, who manages the Guitar Ranches at Spur. Matt took an interest in the craft and started making spurs and bits in his spare time while still in high school. While on a break from classes at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Matt spent a few days with a friend, Joe Spiller, who helped him refine some of his techniques. He attended a series of engraving classes at Johny Weyert’s in Alpine, Texas. By the time that he graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science, he had already set up his own bit and spur shop in Lubbock. He now resides with his wife in Spur working out of his dad's old shop. He has also built pieces for J. Martin Basinger, Red McCombs, Trent Willmon, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Antonin Scalia. He has been making the trophy awards for the Motley-Dickens County Old Settlers Reunion at Roaring Springs, Texas, Ranch Cutting Horse Association and Western Heritage Classic


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