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Bruce Lovins Western Saddle Shop - Bruce Lovins

Birth place or City of origin: Alexandria
State of origin: KY
Last known City: Alexandria
Last known State: KY
Start/Birth date: Unknown
Death/End date: 1962

Bruce Lovins operated his saddle shop from his personal residence at 18 Thatcher Avenue in Alexandria, Kentucky, from the 1930's through the 1950's. Though he did make a few traditional “using” saddles, Lovins was best know for his fancy German and sterling silver parade saddles inspired by West Coast saddle makers of that period like Hollywood’s Edward H. Bohlin, and San Francisco’s Keyston Bros & Olsen-Nolte. Lovins most popular models were The Starfire, The Parader, The parade Chief, Starfire Supreme, Grand Champion, Parade King, Parade Triumph, Challenger Supreme, Challenger, Star Champion and Champion. He also made matching accessories for each parader model that included silver mounted gun rigs, boot heels and tips, belts, spur straps and a variety of fancy conchos. Although Lovins made several sterling silver models, the majority of his custom production were mounted with German Silver at a price point that competed effectively for the regional parader market with Indiana neighbor, Ted Flowers. Bruce Lovins died of cancer in 1962


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