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Greg Gomersall

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Canadian born saddlemaker, Greg Gomersall was raised in a ranching and rodeo family on the northside of the "Medicine Line", 130 miles north of the Missouri River. Greg's mother, Betty, built a saddle while she was pregnant with Greg, and a seed was planted.
Greg built his first saddle during the winter months of 1985 while working at the Jones Ranch. In 1987 he had the opportunity to go work with master saddler Hank Freisen. After spending 2 years under Hank's tutelage Greg opened his own shop in 1989. The foothills of southern Alberta was his base for 12 years.
Wedding bells and a pretty woman's smile brought this talented craftsman to the U.S. in the fall of 2001. Greg and his wife, Cyndi, have 2 children and a small herd of cows to occupy the balance of their time.
In 2004, Greg moved a shop onto the ranch and moved his business home. Having the horses and cows right outside the window is good for the mind and great for testing the fit of a new item.
Greg has had the opportunity to befriend ,work, and study with some very talented craftsmen over the years. They deserve the credit.
They lit the fire in Greg to elevate his work to higher levels. One quote is in the back of his mind constantly "Don't be content to be just another saddlemaker."
Besides building saddles fulltime for over 20 years now, Greg has taken every opportunity available to study from others when possible.
Greg has attended "The Masters Gathering Seminar" in Sheridan, Wy.
Took hands on carving seminars with Clint Fay. He has also attended 2 intensive seminars on carving and saddle construction put on by the TCAA. He would like to thank this organization and its members for "raising the bar" and providing educational opportunities for other craftsmen.
All of our saddles are constructed of Herman Oak Leather, premium bark-tanned sheepskin and feature high-end hand crafted wood/rawhide covered trees by both Rod Nikkel and Glen Christman. Pride in our work and your ultimate satisfaction is our main goal.

In closing he would like to thank the following people for their help, inspiration, and friendship in a never ending quest for excellence:my wife Cyndi, Peter Swales, Matt Eberle, Chuck Stormes, and David Alderson. I would also like to mention Hank Friesen,Jim Olsen, and T.M. Armstrong who are no longer with us, but are not forgotten.


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