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Cody Tippe

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City: Caroline
Last known State: CAN
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Hi all, my name is Cody Tippe, I live in Caroline AB Canada. I am thirty three years old, and the father of a beautiful little girl, which is my heart and drive to succeed. My Great Grandma gave me my first tools when I was seven years old. I started making wallets, belts and key holders for customers at my father’s bulk fuel station.
In 2002, I started pulling mules over mountain passes for an outfitter. With a light gear bag and even thinner billfold, I started to make my own gear. This stirred up a lot of interest with my fellow saddle partners. I soon found my spare time getting booked with orders, anything from cuffs, martingale breast collars, spur straps and leggins’. To my surprise I had more than horsefly infested mules sportin’ my gear by the end of the season?
The following year I got my chance to learn the art of building a saddle, with a local friend, mentor and saddle maker. With the advice and guidance from my group of mentors, I built up a little shop and began building a few saddles on my own. I owe great thanks to the great cowboys and cowgirls that give the support and opportunity to grow my skills and enjoy my work.


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