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Michael Pardue

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My name is Mike Pardue, I am a professional Firefighter in Midland Texas, have been a Firefighter for the past 23 years and have been married to Tammy for 28 years,. I have two daughters, one son in law and my first grandchild on the way. First and foremost, my family is the thing I am most proud of. I am also a western craftsman and engraver. The bulk of my business is steel and silver buckles and hardware, however I do build entire sets of silver, as well as silver jewelry. I started metal work as a hobby about 12 years ago, and attended an engraving school (Johny Wyerts) about 10 years ago, as well as a TCAA workshop with Ron Smith. I have also had help and gotten advice from some very good craftsmen who have been very good to help my with any question I have had. I have tried very hard to learn all I could and improve my level of work in every aspect. The past year I have really been focusing on my engraving, and I am happy with the progress I have made, however there is still a lifetime of learning ahead. I plan to retire from the fire service in another 5-6 years and will continue to pursue the craft of metal work and engraving.


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