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Blanchard Spurs - Edward Fred Blanchard

Birth place or City of origin: Datil
State of origin: NM
Last known City: Yucca
Last known State: AZ
Start/Birth date: 1894
Death/End date: 1982

Revered by working cowboys everywhere because “they will stay put due to the design of the heelband”, Blanchard spurs were developed by Edward Fred Blanchard (1894-1982) from his many years of experience as a practical cowman. Ed was born in Magdalena, New Mexico in 1894 serving in WWI but returning to manage the family ranch in the 1920s when he first experimented with spur making. In the 1930s and 40s, Blanchard lived with his sister in Monticello, NM while working summers in Datil. Some of his earliest pieces are marked with these cities. In the late 1940s, E.F. cowboyed in San Antonio, NM before moving to Seligman, AZ in 1952. In 1955 he bought a ranch in Yucca, AZ and mailed out his first (and only) folder depicting six spur patterns. Blanchard’s distinctive spurs were built with a wide band, swinging buttons and small, multi-point rowels. He used iron in his early pairs and stainless steel later on.


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