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Beau Compton

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Beau Compton was born and raised in Colorado in a rodeo and ranching family. While in college in 1998, he started spending time with a family friend, Vic Vasquez, learning silver work. Beau spent time with him intermittently for about 4 years, until he passed away. Beau says, "For many years, my silver work was a hobby, working it around my other job and family. Five years ago, I began to pursue this discipline full-time. I am constantly striving to improve my work and skills to provide the best possible product for my customers." Beau has been fortunate enough to have met and had help from some of the best craftsmen in the industry, including some TCAA members. Today, Beau lives on a family ranch near Tombstone, Arizona with his wife, Marlo, and their kids, Zane, 6 and Macy, 3. Beau is also a PRCA team roper and steer roper, and spends his extra time working on the ranch, riding young horses, or roping with his family. Beau feels very blessed to have such a supportive family and friends, and gives all the glory to God.


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