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Andy Thomas

Birth place or City of origin: Mufreesboro
State of origin: TN
Last known City: Carthage
Last known State: MO
Start/Birth date: 1957
Death/End date:

Born in Tennessee, Andy Thomas graduated in 1981 with a degree in Marketing from Missouri State Southern State University. After 16 years in the advertising business, Thomas resigned his position as Staff Vice-President of Marketing Services for a Fortune 500 company to pursue painting full time. He considers his lack of formal art education an asset as he has developed a lifetime habit of artistic exploration.

Known as "The Storyteller", Thomas has a fondness of historical scenes that allow him to tell a story through paint, combining his love of both art and history. He is known for his realistic imagery of western scenes, presidents and historical figures. Thomas has been featured in many magazines and his illustrations have appeared in many books. the Artful Journey, a book of Thomas' works, included short stories written by the artist about each piece. Thomas keeps active judging art shows and giving art lessons to both children and adults.

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