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Bruce Cheever

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City: Woodland Hills
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1958
Death/End date:

Interested in art as a child, Bruce Cheever embarked on a career as a find artist after spending many years as an illustrator. It was during those years that he discovered his affinity for tonalism and luminism. Cheever's atmospheric and bucolic landscapes are suggestive of the Renaissance era. His passion for the landscape is driven by the never ending search for beauty.

Today, Cheever's studio paintings from the inspiration he gathers form his travels. Whether painting a rural scene in the American West or a pastoral European landscape, his art is emerging with a style of its own. Born in 1958, Cheever credits his education at Brigham Young University and his illustration years as prime training ground in both observation and discipline.

Cheever exhibits at many invitational shows around the country including showcases with Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona and Howard/Mandeville Gallery in Kirkland, Washington. Cheever has participated in Arts for the Parks, where he was included in the Top 100 winners. His work has been featured in the Art of the West, Southwest Art and Western Art Collector magazines. Cheever is thrilled to be included as a Masters of the American West artist.

Bruce Cheever is represented by Trailside Galleries, Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona

Bio from Autry National Center


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