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Zane Grey

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Zane Grey, considered the greatest storyteller of the American West, almost single-handedly created the Myth of the West. He was not only a famous author, but also an avid adventurist, sportsman and world-record-setting fisherman. His name and writings are world renowned, among Western fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike. He was the best-selling author of over 85 books, which have sold well over 100 million copies worldwide. Most of these books drew upon the American Old West or the great outdoors for inspiration and are acknowledged as some of the best Western adventure novels ever written. Although Grey died in 1939, his legacy remains with us today -- he has inspired countless imitators and his work has been adapted to all modern media -- movies (a record 111 films), radio and television (Zane Grey Western Theatre), magazines (Zane Grey Magazine), comics (King of the Royal Mounted), paperbacks, talking books, Internet (websites and electronic texts), etc. He celebrated the natural beauty of the West and glorified the character and frontier values of its people. Zane Grey’s respectful treatment of Indians was ahead of its time and his.


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