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Tecolote Ranch

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Tecolote Ranch’s history begins with archeological excavations of the Santa Barbara coast, with Indians whose settlements were developed with the highest type of hut building found along the coast, at the mouth of Tecolote Creek. Fast forward to 1500s, with the first recorded sightings in the area by early Spanish explorers sailing up the coast of California. Deemed one of the most beautiful wooded properties in California, Tecolote Canyon developed into large-scale cattle-ranch operations, then lemon groves. By 1926 Silsby Morse Spalding, past mayor of Beverly Hills, California purchased the land and lived in the old Tecolote Ranch house with solar heating panels on the roof, while building a Spanish style mansion. Keeping true to its Spanish roots, he built lovely gardens, courtyards and immersed himself with the finest collection of western tack in America: silver saddles encased in glass housings with their silver bits, paintings in grand frames, massive doors with iron locks and studs and magnificent chaps and other tack adorning the walls. High Noon is proud to present a few pieces from this glorious ranch of yesteryear. Other pieces, namely silver saddles, can now be found in the Carriage Museum in Santa Barbara.


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