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Bob Dellis

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City:
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Start/Birth date: 1928
Death/End date: 2002

Bob Dellis (1928-2002) began working as a professional carver in 1947. He was hired by Porters in Phoenix when he was 19 years of age working with another youngster who was destined to become a famous carver named Ray Pohja. Over the years Bob worked with other great carvers like Ellis Bares and F O Baird and in some of the great old saddle shops including Miles City Saddlery and Visalia Stock Saddle Company.
Bob was one of the last carvers/saddle makers who traveled extensively refining his skills by working with expert craftsmen throughout the west. Bob’s work has been pictured in the Cowboy Boot Book, Art of the Boot and the Cowboy Boot Calendar. His detailed carving graced the tops of many exquisite Dave Little boots and he taught both individuals and group seminars including an appearance at the Gathering of the Masters in Sheridan, Wyoming in 1999. Bob Dellis did work for Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger), Herb Jeffries (the only black singing cowboy of the 1940s) and President George W Bush


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