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WHD Koerner

Birth place or City of origin: Lunden, Schleswog
State of origin: Germany
Last known City: Interlaker
Last known State: NJ
Start/Birth date: 1878
Death/End date: 1938

Added to OLD Nov 8, 2011

Always acknowledged as one of the foremost magazine and book illustrators, Koerner’s popularity as a painter came posthumously with recognition of his broad talent and ability to capture the “Western myth through symbols of an earlier, less complicated, infinitely more moral land of ample time and room to roam

* Diane Koerner Schwartz, granddaughter of W.H.D. Koerner, noted in April 2008 that the family had recently learned the artist was born in Lunden, Schleswog-Holstein, Germany rather than Lun, Germany, as previously indicated in Mr. Hassrick's article. (04/22/2008)


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