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Scott Powers

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Scott Tallman Powers

Born in Alabama in 1972, Scott Tallman Powers began drawing at an early age and was influenced by his father, a professional illustrator and artist. After four years of study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Powers began work as an illustrator for a local advertising agency. He spent several years there before embarking on his life’s dream of a career in fine art. He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and founder of the Plein Air Painters of Chicago.

Inspiration has come to him from many quarters. Scott Powers travels the world searching out new cultures and experiences with the goal of discovering peoples’ stories and expressing them as honestly and with as much integrity as he can. This passion has grown day-by-day and mile-by-mile.

His work now hangs at the Wengyuan Museum of Fine Art and the Shaoguan Museum of Fine Art in China; at the Academy Museum in Easton, Maryland; and in the homes and offices of many collectors across the country. Powers has won numerous prizes, including medals at the Oil Painters of America exhibitions and has participated in museum shows in China, Israel, and Europe. His work has appeared in leading publications such as American Artist, Art of the West, and Western Art and Architecture and he has been featured in the American Artist “Workshop” magazine, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector.

Scott Tallman Powers is represented by Settlers West Galleries Inc., Tucson, Arizona.


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