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Hogan and Speddy - Cicero Lewis Hogan

Birth place or City of origin: Portland
State of origin: OR
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Cicero Lewis Hogan was a resident of Portland for many years. In 1881 his name appears with
no affiliation, only as a “saddler”. In 1887 he was working as a clerk for Rosetta Sherlock. He
had married E.A. Kenealy in that year. The next entries in the City Directories show a
partnership with Thomas Speddy in 1890. Mr. Speddy had just married H. Theresa
Schermerhorn. The firm of HOGAN and SPEDDY specialized in the manufacture, wholesale, and
retail of harness, saddles, and horse collars. They set up shop at 93-95 2nd Street (corner of Stark).
That arrangement lasted until about 1893, when Cicero L. Hogan was solely in charge of the
manufacturing process, and Thomas Speddy moved out to become a “manufacturer’s agent”
with an office in the Worchester Block, in Portland. I believe this was a kind term for “traveling
salesman.” It is not known how many businesses he represented while in Portland. It is clear
that Cicero L. Hogan appeared alone in all further Directories after circa 1897. There is an
indication that he may have been associated with William Hill, an East Portland harness maker,
for a very brief period. Cicero L. Hogan died in 1901.
As for Thomas Speddy, in 1897, he was still working as a manufacturer’s agent, but his firm
operated out of San Francisco for a number of clients, whereas the Portland branch – still at 10
Worchester Block - was under local management.
[Author knows of no maker marks from this establishment ]
[Hogan & Speddy in business from circa1890-circa1893]
[C.L. Hogan in business circa 1893-circa1900]
Polk’s Portland City Directories, 1887-1903
Portland marriage Index- Genealogical Forum of Oregon
Portland Death Index- Genealogical Forum of Oregon

Research by Richard and Dorothy Egan


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