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Katherine Haley

Birth place or City of origin: Ventura
State of origin: CA
Last known City: Ojai
Last known State: CA
Start/Birth date: 1919
Death/End date:

Katherine H Haley was one of the leading forces of Ventura County. Born into privilege, the great-grandchild of William Dewey Hobson, the father of Ventura County, she and her brother were raised on the family’s 7500 acre Rancho Casitas. Her father bred thoroughbred horses and was instrumental in making horse racing legal in California. After having four children of her own, Katherine and her husband moved from the family ranch (that was to become Lake Casitas) to Ranchi Mi Solar, a 450 acres of rolling pasture and panoramic vistas from the lake to the mountains. For the next 40 years she and her family made it the gathering place for friends, family and politcal events. She was involved with the major horse associations of her day and maintained a visible role as a patron of the arts, cultural and polical events. She was involved in and honored by California State Fair Board, Californi Exposition and Fair, California Exposition Racing Hall of Fame, California Cattlemen’s Association, Ventura County Museum of History and Art, to name a few.

Katherine amassed an extraordinary collection of Western Art and memorability, reflecting her nostalgia for times past in, frontier life and the West. Three rooms of her house were filled with Borein art, books, photos and letters reflecting her passion for art, history and heritage. She will be remembered for her intellectual honesty, unparalleled range of experience as a businesswoman, rancher and collector of California’s vanishing history.

Owner of Rancho Mi Solar


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