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Louis Bryant

Birth place or City of origin: Hollis
State of origin: OK
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1918
Death/End date: 2000

Louis Bryant was born February 17, 1918 in Hollis, OK. Moved to McClain, TC at the age of 5. the family moved to Allenreed, TC. around 1919 and about a year later they moved Claredon, TX. where his father had a blacksmith shop. In 1932 Louis’s father was shot and partiall disabled, and Louis at the age of 14 had to work in the blacksmith shop. Louis was asked if ever had any partners he said “ I have had a lot of guys that wanted to be my partner over the years. They wanted to pedal my spurs. I told them I only had a partner once and that was my Dad, when he had the blacksmith shop. I did all the work and he got all the money.

Louis made his first spurs in 1933 or 1934. In 1958 he went to school for two years in St. Louis, MO. Moved to Pecos, TX in 1960, to Browntown, TX, in 1964 to Norwalk, CA in 1966. He had a heart attack in 1970. Moved to Tecumseh, OK m in 1979 where he still makes a great pair of spurs. His spurs are marked BRYANT under the button. (starting in about 1987) His early spurs were not marked and some pairs are probably in some collections and thought to be McChesney’s as most of Louis’s styles emulater J.R McChesney styles


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