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Robert DeLeon

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Start/Birth date: 1953
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DeLeon’s interest in art began in grade school back in Texas when he developed an affinity for both fine art and the history of the American west. In DeLeon’s words "I am not a historian just an artist that enjoys reading about the American West and hopes to capture it on canvas."
His style is reminiscent of the Hudson River School artist such as Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. Many other artists have also influenced Robert such as George Catlin, Karl Bodmer and Henry Farney.Many of Robert's paintings depict the peaceful and tranquil settings of different Native American tribes such as the Sioux, Crow and the Blackfeet. Native Americans are a common subject matter for Robert because he says, "I have always been intrigued by their lifestyle, struggles and overall history".

Traveling throughout states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming provide Robert with new material for his paintings. Robert's home in New Mexico provides him with inspiration everyday. According to Robert "I begin my day at 5 am with a morning walk which gives me time to collect my thoughts on new paintings that I have just begun. You reach a point in a painting where it starts to take on its own character which is when I really enjoy working with it. There are many stories about the American West that have not been told and I hope to touch on some of them."

I liked anything having to do with art and since history was my second favorite subject, combining the two fields was natural."


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