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Jeremiah Watt Saddlery - Jeremiah Watt

Birth place or City of origin: Dryden, Ontario
State of origin:
Last known City: Coalinga
Last known State: CA
Start/Birth date: 1956
Death/End date:

A Canadian native, Jeremiah got his start in saddle making in 1976 at a saddle making school in Amarillo, Texas. After that he traveled around the country visiting saddle shops before he landed a job with Chuck Stormes of Calgary, Canada. After seven years he moved to the US, working as a ranch hand and building saddles and bits in the evening. After several years of roaming, Jeremiah and his family settled in California.

He has now worked for nearly a quarter-century as a full-time saddle maker and custom bit and spur maker. He manufactures all his own saddletrees and even processed the rawhide. Watt also has a production line of bits and spurs as well as a line of high quality leather tools.


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