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Paul Moore

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin: OK
Last known City: Norman
Last known State: OK
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Paul Moore is a fifth generation Oklahoman who has gained national and international recognition with his sculpture. He grew up on stories of his relatives taking part in Oklahoma’s major historical events - the Trail of Tears, the Chisholm Trail and Oklahoma’s first Land Run. His grandfather grew up next door to Quanah Parker, where Quanah’s youngest wife Tonacey made him moccasins at his birth. These events, as well as a life-changing visit to the Cowboy Hall of Fame, influenced and inspired his decision to become a sculptor and instilled the drive to sculpt our western life. Paul is also a member of the Creek (Muscogee) Nation, Sweet Potato Clan.

Elected to the CAA in 2009, Paul is in constant demand for portrait and monumental commissions and in the past thirty years, he has sculpted more than 110 commissions. His work is in the US Capital Collection, the Brookgreen Gardens Collection and the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

Bio from Cowboy Artists of America Collector’s Handbook


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