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Eagle Editions - Jerry Crandall - Jerry Crandall

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Last known City: Hamilton
Last known State: MT
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Collectors eagerly seek out Jerry Crandall’s artwork with most of the originals sold as they are developed. A highly successful artist, Jerry’s work has been in print since 1977 with more than 60 editions, many of which are sold out. He worked at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company as an aviation artist; has been a guest on numerous radio and television talk shows including the NBC Sunday show in LA twice, the Mike Douglas Television show and numerous local TV and radio stations. Jerry has given hundreds of lectures to students on achievement, historians, authors, modelers and the general public about his career, artwork, research and more. He was a guest on the Navy Carrier USS Nimitz, gathering first-hand knowledge of modern-day Naval operations. Featured articles about the artist and his work have appeared in many national and international magazines.

Listed in Who’s Who in American Art, the International Who’s Who of Contemporary achievement and Who’s Who in the West, he is also featured in Contemporary Western Artists and the Challenge Aviation art series. His pieces can be found in many private, as well as museum collections such as the Confederate Air Force, National Air and Space Museum, D C; USAF Museum, Dayton, Naval Museum, Pensacola; Monimo Air Museum, Moscow and the HQ of the Italian Air Force. Jerry Crandall is a member of several significant historic researcher's circles as well the Gemeinschaft der Jagdflieger and Friends of the American Fighter Aces.


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