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Robert McGinnis

Birth place or City of origin: Cincinnati
State of origin: OH
Last known City: Old Greenwich
Last known State: CT
Start/Birth date: 1926
Death/End date:

As a child, Robert McGinnis eagerly listened to his grandfather’s fascinating stories of the Wild West, which inspired the young artist’s early paintings. “Through Grandad...I picked up some insight into the nature of those who settled the West.”

McGinnis’s early interest in cartoon art led to his first job, as a cartoon-illustration apprentice at Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles. He later studied fine art at Ohio State University, and then at the Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati.

Moving to New York City to become an illustrator, a chance meeting with a friend who urged him to appraoach Dell Publishing Company, led to his becoming one of the most popular paperback book artists in the country. Today he devotes himself to his favorite subjects--scenes from the Old West.

Biography From Eiteljorg Museum


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