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Doug Hyde

Birth place or City of origin: Hermiston
State of origin: OR
Last known City: Prescott
Last known State: AZ
Start/Birth date: 1946
Death/End date:

Inspired by the lore he learned as a youth from his grandfather and other tribal elders, Doug Hyde, whose heritage included Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Chippewa, expresses Indian mythology and spirit through his sculpture.

Hyde attended the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in the early 1960s and then the San Francisco Art Institute in 1967, on scholarship. He enlisted in the Army and was seriously injured during his second Vietnam tour. During his convalescence he learned to use power tools to cut and shape stone.

When he returned to Santa Fe in 1972 to teach at IAIA, he took with him the ability to transform his ideas into three-dimensional objects. He was on the faculty at IAIA until 1974 when he left to devote himself fully to art. Sculpting in stone and bronze remain the passion and focus of his life.

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