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Josh Elliott

Birth place or City of origin: Great Falls
State of origin: MT
Last known City: Helena
Last known State: MT
Start/Birth date: 1973
Death/End date:

A third generation artist, Josh Elliott was raised to appreciate art. His grandfather studied with Grant Wood and his father, wildlife artist Steve Elliott, gave up a successful career as a emergency room doctor to become a full time artist. From him, Elliott learned the importance of painting outdoors.

Elliott views his outdoor paintings as responses to the scene before him and as exercises to sharpen his skills. He considers his studio painting to be the culmination of everything he has learned and combined with his own artistic interpretation.

He credits his recent growth to the teachings of artists John and Terri Kelly Moyers who stress the fundamentals of drawing and composition.

Born in Montana, Elliott lived out-of-state for some time but always felt a deep connection to Montana’s landscape and people. He now lives there with his wife and two daughters in Helena.

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