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Arturo Chavez

Birth place or City of origin: Taos
State of origin: NM
Last known City: Placitas
Last known State: NM
Start/Birth date: 1949
Death/End date:

Born and raised amid the spectacular vistas of culturally rich northern New Mexico, Arturo Chavez is devoted to painting the landscapes of his homeland.

Chavez studied music and concert classical guitar at the University of New Mexico and from 1970 to 1980 was a vice president and corporate pilot for a manufacturing firm in Albuquerque. Although Chavez painted throughout his youth, he did not turn to art as a full-time career until the 1980s.

Since then, he has received international recognition for his landscapes including exhibitions in the US embassies in Moscow, Croatia and Guyana.

Like many gifted artists, Chavez is a talented musician: he studied classical guitar - his first love - before turning to visual art as his principle creative expression. Deeply influenced by master artist Wilson Hurley. Chavez credits the Albuquerque artist’s excellent advice - to paint on location before returning to the studio to complete his paintings - with his mastery of his chosen subject, the Southwestern landscape.

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