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Roy Andersen

Birth place or City of origin: Chicago
State of origin: IL
Last known City: Kerrville
Last known State: TX
Start/Birth date: 1930
Death/End date:

Like many Western artists, Roy Andersen wanted, even as a young child, to be an artist. While growing up in Chicago, he studied art at the Art Institute and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

Fascinated by Indians, Andersen often visited the Native American ethnographic collection at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. He created a notebook filled with sketches of artifacts, including the Fields extensive collection of Crow war shields, which he still refers to.

During his commercial career, Anderson was noted for his Time, Sports Illustrated, and other magazine covers. In the 1980s he created images for US Postage stamps ranging from Cherokee Indian leader Sequoia to a series of horse stamps.

Andersen now raises horses on his Texas ranch where he paints horses and frontier-era Indians. With every painting he reveals his deep love of the American West.

Biography Courtesy of the Eiteljorg Museum


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