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Sunset Trails

Birth place or City of origin: Los Angeles
State of origin: CA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1951
Death/End date:

Previously owned by Tony Stanton Family of Los Angeles.

Sunset Trails began making belt buckles and saddle silver as the Srour Company in the garage of the Stanton home located in the historic West Adams section of Los Angeles. In the early 1920s, Michael Srour witnessed the swift changes taking place in Los Angeles...changing from bean fields and orange groves to oil derricks and skyscrapers. Mike’s designs reflected the need to preserve the old styles of silver conchos and buckles worn by the early Mexican rancheros - an all but vanished lifestyle.

At the same time, a phenomenon had hit Southern California - the movies! The styles of the cowboy, Indian, and Mexican Charro were melded together onto fragile celluloid and exported across the world. The myth had begun. Movies had taken hold and the western wear look was born!

The demand for authentic Western garb from both the studios and public was overwhelming. To meet the demand, the Srour Company moved to a new plant in Culver City - also home to MGM. Mike’s brother-in-law Joe Stanton came on board in the early 1940s to help with the brisk business. After a tour in the Pacific during World War II, Joe’s son Bob worked part-time while attending Loyola University. Mike Srour retired due to poor health leaving Joe, Bob and brother-in-law Al Means to carry on the business. They renamed the business after Bob’s sister, Helen – H. S. Means Co (Helen Stanton Means). In 1951, Bob purchased the business from Joe and Al. Bob renamed the new company Sunset Trails.

In 1960, Bob acquired McCabe Silversmiths of Hollywood. Two proud traditions of silversmithing came together under one roof. Business continued to grow, and in 1968 Bob’s brother-in-law Vince Hatton joined the firm. Finally in 1979 after graduating from Loyola, Bob’s eldest son Tony joined the family business. From presidents to rock stars, from cowboys to movie moguls, from Lubbock to Wall Street, people everywhere and from all walks of life wear Sunset Trails.

In 2016 Sunset Trails was acquired by the Utah based, Burns Saddlery


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