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L & M Spurs

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Utah residents, Denny Lytle and Jim Mower are the father and son-in-law partnership behind L and M Spurs. They both attended Elmer Miller’s Bit and Spur School in 1990. Denny (b. 1960) started on Nevada ranches when he was just 12 years old working with cowboys and buckaroos from both the US and Mexico. This afforded him the opportunity to view many fine old bits and spurs first hand. His family moved to Wyoming when he was 16 where he worked on a couple of smaller ranches later earnng a degree in Agricultural Economics at Utah State University. Since then, Denny has trained, judged horse shows and done some team penning. Horses figured prominently in Jim Mower’s (b. 1935) childhood, leading to his appreciation for quality tack. Jim worked on National Forests in Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Utah serving two foreign assignments in East Africa where he worked on range development projects for nomadic herdsmen. Retirement gave Jim the opportunity to pursue his life-long passion for building high quality bit and spurs.


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