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Clemente Spampinato

Birth place or City of origin: Calabria
State of origin: Italy
Last known City: New York
Last known State: NY
Start/Birth date: 1912
Death/End date: 1993

Clemente Spampinato was born in Calabria, Italy in 1912. At a young age while being schooled in the classical arts in Rome, he developed a keen love for both art and athletics. He became a devoted follower of top Italian sporting events. Although Spampinato became a successful artist in Italy, he longed for much more. In 1947 he became an American citizen and moved to SoHo, New York, which became his new home. His newfound passion was the "American West." He was inspired by the legends of American Cowboys and Indians. He specialized in sport and western sculptures. He lived a full life of art and sport and then quietly passed away in New York in December 1993. His sculpture captures the 'essence of movement' beautifully when the human body is at the 'greatest point of height, speed and dynamics.' His belief that art, in particular sculpture, has its objective solidly rooted in tradition. He has been admired for his ability to bring to life the complex movements of sport and western life while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of realism.


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