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Ernie Morris

Birth place or City of origin: Kern County
State of origin: CA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1927
Death/End date:

Ernie Morris, a fifth generation Californian, was born in 1927, in Kern County, California. Ernie prides himself in creating authentic vaquero remembrances in all aspects with virtually all mediums. His paintings and drawings provide a vivid and colorful replay of his personal experiences while working on various ranches in his younger days, and the many stories told to him by “old-timer cowboys” he has known. His art, rawhide work, and books have been featured in galleries, museums, and private collections throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. Ernie’s numerous honors include his inclusion in the 1981-1982 Who’s Who in California, the 1985 Personalities of America and Men of Achievement in the World.

During his high school years Ernie began working on various ranches of the central coast area of California where he worked with older men who followed the California vaquero horsemanship style. There he found the beginning of a fascination that has lasted throughout his life. Ernie’s art talents began to show at an early age, with special interests in the California vaquero. Vaquero art was a hobby until 1964 when he took up art as a full-time occupation. He and his wife Blanche have worked side-by-side throughout his career, exhibiting at numerous shows and special events throughout California and in many areas of the western United States. In 2002 he was selected as the Honorary Vaquero for the Old Spanish Days La Fiesta celebration in Santa Barbara.


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